Befria Bahrain – demonstration


Jag fick information genom en kommentar idag. Jag publicerar den här. Skicka gärna ett meddelande till mailadress nedan och meddela om ni är intresserade utav att delta i nedan nämnda demonstration.

Dear Human fellows!

Time comes and goes, Life gives and takes..but only our deeds truly remain forever!
To day , I am infront of you as a humble servant of God and fellow of life, asking for your attention!

Few people of the world are aware of whats happening in Bahrain today!
The media in the west are not broadcasting any of the news because of political benefits and are ignoring the unjustices that are taking place over there.

The 14 february 2011 the Bahraini people went out in the capital Manama in a very peaceful revolution against the Khalifa family!
Unfortanley the military ( consisting of saudi troops) responded with fire and voilece!

Until now more then hundreds of men , woman and children have been murderd and kidnapped!

Its time for us to act and show our support to our sisters and brothers in Bahrain!
we have planned to do an demostration in Sweden in Helsingborg and would like to see how many people who would be intressted of taking part in such demostration!
Time and date are not set yet but it will take place probably in two weeks of time!

Please press like if you would show your support and attend and share this message with your friends!

For more information contact:

Thanks for you attention!!!

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